Thursday, June 23, 2016

Morpurgo, Michael. LISTEN TO THE MOON

Morpurgo, Michael.  LISTEN TO THE MOON
New York : Feiwel & Friends, 2015
IL 5-8, RL 6.3
When Alfie finds a young castaway on an uninhabited island off the coast of England, he and the town are all really curious as to who she is and how she got there.  She won't speak and she doesn't interact with anyone.  At first the rumors were that she was a mermaid.  Then people began to think she was deaf and just couldn't hear when people spoke to her.  Alfie's family takes her in and names her Lucy.  Alfie tries to keep secret the fact that she was wrapped in a blanket with German writing.  He is afraid that the islanders will think she is a spy.  England is at war with Germany and everyone is afraid of Germans.  What will they do when they discover the truth?


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Gephart, Donna. LILY AND DUNKIN

Gephart, Donna.
New York : Delacorte Press, 2016
IL 5-8, RL 4.6

Lily loves the feel of her mother's dress.  But her father wants her to dress as Tim and act like a boy.  How can she ever convince him that she is really a girl?  Her mother and sister have accepted it but not her father.  So when he sees Lily dressed up, he is furious.  And the new boy on the block sees her as well.  When school starts, the new boy, Norbert Dorfman, is confused to meet Tim.  He was sure he had seen a girl who looked just like him.  Lily befriends Norbert and nicknames him Dunkin because he is always drinking Dunkin' Donuts coffee.  The two become friend but Dunkin is recruited to join the basketball team because of his height.  These are the boys who are making Lily's life miserable.  When Lily confides in Dunkin about her desire to live openly a a girl, will that change everything?  And what is Dunkin hiding from everyone?


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

McAllister, Cameron.
New York : Delacorte, 2016
IL 5-8, RL 6.4

Angelo's  father is an automobile designer in Italy during 1940s and has a new car design showing at the Paris auto show.  But Angelo accidentally crashes it.  Now Angelo is determined to help hi father get back his reputation and design a car for the people.  Together, they come up with a brand new concept.  The "people's car" will be economical enough that just about everyone will be able to afford it and dependable enough that they will want to.  But World War II breaks out and they must find a way to hide the car from the Germans so they cannot use the new technology.  Join Angelo and his father as they take an old lawn mower and turn it into a revolutionary car design.


Friday, June 10, 2016


DiCamillo, Kate.
Somerville, MA : Candlewick Press, 2016
IL 5-8, RL 4.2

Raymie Clarke is standing outside Ida Nee's waiting for her baton twirling lesson to begin.  But what she doesn't know is that this will be the start of a new chapter in her life.  She wants to learn to twirl the baton so she can enter the Little Miss Central Florida Tire 1975 competition since she believes that this will bring her father back.  He ran away with a dental hygienist and now Raymie is miserable.  Two other girls are there for the baton lesson as well.  Beverly, a tough kid whose father is a cop, and Louisiana who passes out at the first lesson.  What could these three possibly have in common?  And will they ever learn to twirl the baton?


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Weatherford, Carole Boston.
New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2016
IL 5-8, RL 5.0
The story of the Tuskegee Airmen told in verse.  These brave men were the first black military pilots in the United States.  During a time when blacks weresegregated, these men stepped forward and fulfilled their dream of flying and were eventually sent to fight for their country and for an opportunity to help break the color barrier.


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Waudby, Jeannie. ONE OF US

  • Waudby, Jeannie.
  • New York : Running Press Teens, 2015
  • IL YA
  • ISBN 9780762457991

K lives in a group home and will soon be on her own as she ages out of the system.  Her parents were killed in a bombing years ago.  Then the unthinkable happens.  On her way to school, another bomb explodes and she is caught in this one.  She recovers but her life is about to take a dramatic turn.  She falls for a young man who convinces her to infiltrate the Brotherhood, the plaid-wearing group that has been responsible for the bombings in the past.  K is given a new identity and moves into the school with the Brotherhood.  But what she finds is not what she expected.  As she gets to know the teens in the Brotherhood, she becomes torn between the two groups.  Who is on the right side?  The Brotherhood or the Citizens?


Monday, June 6, 2016

Six Kids and a Stuffed Cat by Gary Paulsen

Paulsen, Gary.
New York : Simon & Schuster Books, 2016
IL 3-6, RL 6.0

Six 8th grade boys are stuck in the boys' room during a weather lock down.  Five of the boys have known each other for years but have not really taken the time to find out what makes each other tick. There is the class clown who spends many afternoons in detention; the hostile one; the brainy one, the big man on campus; the spaced out rocker dude and there is also the new kid who has just slept through his first day at the school.  As the time passes during the lock down, the boys talk and find out much about each other.